Perfectly seasoned grill buffet: vegetables and salads for grilling

May 28, 2023Gockels Food
The grill is ready, the bread is sliced, fish and meat are marinated, the drinks are chilled. Everything ready to go. Stop, stop, something is still missing: salads for grilling. Vegetables such as eggplant, peppers or zucchini for grilling would also be nice. For us, they are as much a part of an outdoor event as good spices are to a barbecue. After all, they round off the food in terms of taste and appearance and bring lots of valuable nutrients, vitamins and fiber to the plate.

We at Gockels are fans of fresh, crunchy salads and raw vegetables, including grilled vegetables, which is why we make a trip to the vegetable corner of our fresh food supplier. Are you ready to join us? Which vegetable variations do you put on the grill buffet? We have a few tips and recipe ideas for grilled salads and more - including fascinating spice inspiration for the grilling season.

Salads for grilling: side dishes with a lot of power

Most meat, fish, cheese, sausage or vegan specialties sizzle on the grill. They bring protein and fats with them, but mostly few carbohydrates. This is why bread such as baguettes or ciabatta traditionally accompany the grilled specialties. Grilled salads with a rich carbohydrate repertoire are also suitable classic side dishes, for example pasta, potato, rice or couscous salads. Our tip: surprise yourself and your guests with new alternatives, e.g. B. with quinoa or pearl barley.

By the way, you can get the right salad dressing in no time at all with our flavored seasoning salts. You can use many spice variants when grilling to marinate your grilled food or mix a salad dressing with it. Mama's salad seasoning mix , for example, is always a good choice and gives your salad creations not only herbal spices but also fresh aromas from apples, pears and lemons. If you like it a little spicier, for example with curry, try our spice mix Kevs Currywurst . Gourmalski Asia Style conjures up an Asian touch in your rice or udon noodle salad.

Tip: There are recipes for grilling salads in our recipe blog .

Raw vegetables with dip or green salads for grilling: low carb and low fat

Your grill menu will be balanced and also refreshingly delicious with colorful raw vegetables or a green leaf salad with grated raw vegetables. After all, the fresh side dishes bring plenty of vital substances to the plate. A vinaigrette made from olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and spices goes well with fresh salad and is summery light. Cucumber, carrot, pepper, kohlrabi or whole radishes cut into sticks are suitable for vegetable sticks. Arranged decoratively in a glass, they are already a visual highlight, together with a dip it becomes a treat for the palate. Make sure the sauce dip isn't too greasy. Instead of sour cream or crème fraîche, for example, pureed avocado cuts a fine figure as a dip.

Easy recipe for a vegetable dip:

2 avocados, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp mild vinegar (e.g. apricot vinegar or raspberry vinegar ), 2 cloves of garlic, 1 onion, 1 small apple, cranberry-chili salt , pepper.

Peel and crush the garlic cloves, peel the onion and cut into fine cubes, grate the apple, stone the avocado and remove the flesh from the skin. Mix everything together finely, the easiest way to do this is in a mixer. Taste and you're done.

Hot on vegetables: tips for grilling aubergines and more

Not only vegetarians are happy: many types of vegetables are perfect candidates to end up on the grill. In combination with a little oil and the right seasoning, they develop a great aroma. Aubergine, zucchini and peppers are particularly popular and well suited to being cooked on the grill in just a few minutes.

How to do it: Wash the vegetables and cut them into slices or strips. Important for aubergine: Drizzle or brush with a little lemon juice or vinegar - this gives the Mediterranean vegetable a tasty kick. Then brush with a little olive oil and season individually so that the southern sun literally kisses your taste buds awake. Our hottest tips for grilling vegetables are Chakalaka , Lemon Rosemary Salt , Eva's Tsatsiki , Honey Mustard or our Bär-Grillt-Influencer-Spice Mixture .

Grilling asparagus: fine and tender

The queen of local vegetables is in season until the middle/end of June: asparagus. We shouldn't forget to serve it more often, because the fine and tasty stick vegetables bring us a lot of dietary fiber such as inulin, thus supporting the intestines and keeping the immune system on its toes. Whether green or white, most people only know asparagus boiled or steamed in water. But the royal vegetables can also be prepared on the grill.

Grilling asparagus: Here's how

The asparagus spears are trimmed in the usual way: wash, cut off the lower end, then - in the case of white asparagus - thinly peel off the peel. With green asparagus, peel only the lower part of the vegetables. If you prepare white asparagus: Boil the asparagus spears in salted water for 10 minutes.

So that the asparagus spears don't slip through the grill grate, it is best to use a grill tray or you can build an 'asparagus framework'. For this you need thin shashlik wooden skewers that have been placed in water beforehand. Lay about 5 asparagus spears next to each other and poke the wooden skewers through them at the top and bottom to create a kind of 'raft'. Put one wooden skewer each through two asparagus spears, which you then fix from the outside to the connecting wooden skewers with the 5 asparagus spears.

Now it's time for the marinating. Use olive oil and a light seasoning combination of salt and lemon/pistachio seasoning mix or avocado summer mix . On the grill, asparagus is best placed on the edge. White pre-cooked asparagus is ready after about 15 minutes, green ones without pre-cooking even after half the time.

We wish you a good appetite!

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