Rose hips, a superfood for everyone?

Apr 26, 2023Gockels Food

Rosehip - just a trend or a real superfood?

If you go out on the street and ask someone to name spices with an H, the first answer they usually get is rosehip. So the fruit of the rose has actually been a trend for a long time and not only since it was widely reported. However, the popularity of this special fruit has been significantly increased by the Internet and of course the numerous media.

Almost everyone knows a rosehip, what it looks like or what it tastes like as a tea. Many of us had the famous rosehip tea for breakfast when we were children and it still tastes just as refreshing, pleasant and fruity today as it did many years ago.

But the rosehip is not only convincing with its taste and its optical shine, which we will of course go into explicitly again. No, the rosehip also has many special properties that are very helpful for the body. So you can already speak of a kind of superfood here, which has not been recognized in this form for many years. What the rosehip can offer you, what makes it special and of course how versatile you can use it, you will find out all of this here, in the following text.

The many peculiarities of a rose hip

The first thing most people don't know about a rosehip is that it's actually not a real fruit at all. The rosehip is a false fruit. The difference here is in the details. False fruits are fused with plant parts, which is not the case with real fruits. Since a rose hip is attached to the base of the flower and thus to parts of the plant, it is basically only a pseudo fruit.

But of course that doesn't stop them from presenting their special optical shine, which has already been briefly mentioned above. While you can enjoy the scent of their flowers in summer, in autumn they pepper the rather dreary areas with their bright red blaze of color.

However, the most important property of a rose hip is its high vitamin content. Their ratio of vitamin C is around 400 mg per 100 g. In addition, the rosehip also contains vitamins A, B1, B2 and many minerals. Due to this composition, it can optimally support the body and also prevent colds and/or infectious diseases. Not least for this reason, the term superfood for rose hips is quite appropriate.

Spices with an H - there is a clear trend

At this point, let's briefly return to the significant increase in the popularity of the rosehip. The search for spices with H, for example on the Internet, always ends up with the rosehip, which makes it very clear how strong a trend is here. But of course there are other spices with an H, which are a bit forgotten, although they can also be combined perfectly with the rosehip.

An example of a spice with H, which can be optimally combined, are hot chili peppers. Okay, so hot chili peppers aren't really a real name as a matter of principle, as they are actually chili peppers and therefore the letter C. But then we would like to bring hibiscus as a spice with H into play. Many people here are of the opinion that the rosehip and hibiscus are the same thing. But that is a fallacy. If you take a look at a pure rosehip tea blend, you will find that the drink has an intense orange color. However, with the hibiscus mix, a reddish color emerges. So you see, there are clear differences in the optics alone.

Buy many different spices from Gockels

Of course, at Gockels you not only get spices with an H on offer, as you can certainly imagine, but rose hips also have a special place with us. Who could blame such a special false fruit? But you can't just buy spices from us, you can also find out a lot of useful information about the respective fruit or dummy fruit.

It is important for us that you know what options are open to you if you want to buy the right spices. In contrast to many other spice shops, this is where the clear difference lies. But not only the information is important, but also the variety of product variations. Using the rose hip, we want to show you what we mean by useful information and flexible options.

Rosehip powder or rosehip jam - what you can do with spices

Buying a spice is not the same as buying a spice, this must be made clear in advance. It depends what you want to make of it. The powder is of course the best known form. But in addition to this, there is also jam, for example, which is often prepared or prepared for further processing.

For this reason, a detailed explanation of the respective spice is important. For example, if you want to buy a spice to add to a meal, rosehip powder is of course more suitable than rosehip jam. You can also look at the situation the other way around. For example, if you would like to enjoy the taste of rosehip on a bun, rosehip jam is definitely a better choice than rosehip powder.

So it always depends on the purpose you are aiming for. In addition to these two variants, i.e. rosehip jam and rosehip powder, there are also many other possible combinations that you can consider. A few possibilities, what else you can do with the rosehip, that should now be shown to you.

What you can do with the rosehip

Let's stay with the two options that have just been mentioned. We want to start here with the rose hip powder, which offers several possible applications. The best known of these is brewing into a tea. The rosehip tea not only tastes great, but also offers a heavenly scent that can blow everyday worries far away.

But the powder can also create a special note in yoghurt or quark and provide a very special taste. The same goes for the muesli here. A slight hint of rosehip as a flavor enhancer in the morning breakfast, that's something you like to take with you, don't you think?

In addition to the powder, the jam that can be used here has already been mentioned. Ideal for breakfast, but this time more on a roll than in muesli. That doesn't mean that jam doesn't go very well with muesli. Likewise, jam can also be used for the preparation of cakes or similar dishes. Again, you have a number of options here.

In addition, there are different combinations, such as rosehip jam in connection with a touch of elderberry. Or how about a pumpkin and rosehip mixture? Here we have a nice spice mixture in our range that goes perfectly with it. Also ideal for preparing a cake. Our sea buckthorn seasoning mix could offer you further inspiration. If you want to add a bit of coastal flair to your dish, this mix will give you the right result.

If you now think that this has to be the end of it, then you will be pleasantly surprised. Because rose hips are much more versatile. In addition to using them for seasoning salts or as gourmet spices, which we will come to in a moment, there are also a whole range of other options.

Ever thought of using the rosehip as a puree or syrup? Or maybe use the rosehip flavor as a sauce? These variants are also available to you. As well as the very popular option of making a magical liqueur from the rosehip / rosehips. Just give it a try and try a few interesting combinations.

Buy spice mixtures directly to save yourself work?

You can mix different spices yourself or buy spice mixtures, that's entirely up to you. In our spice shop you have a large selection of different products that you can access here. We are also planning a new spice mixture especially for the rosehip taste. Will include the mixture Rose hips, paprika, pepper and lemon. So feel free to visit our spice shop more often, because there are always new things to discover.

But what are the benefits of buying spice blends? Depending on the mixture, the preparation can be very time-consuming, which many people would rather do without. A good argument, then, to buy a spice mixture instead of making it yourself. However, it is often the case that the individual products are more expensive than a prefabricated mixture. Of course, this is also a clear argument for a mixture. In the end, you always decide for yourself what suits you better.

Can you make spiced salts with rose hips yourself?

In order to answer the question of whether you can make your own spiced salts with rose hips, you first need to know what spiced salts actually are and what makes them special. Maybe you already know, but not everyone can shine with this background knowledge, so here is a short explanation:

seasoning salts are a mixture of a special spice, such as a rosehip and table salt.

In principle, you can make your own seasoning salts if you need them for your dishes or preparations. Where you can buy the spices you need doesn't need to be mentioned again, does it? But if you'd like to hear it again, Gockels would be a good place to start.

Buy spice mixtures - of course also possible at Gockels

Just buying the spices and then having to do all the work of mixing them yourself is completely too much for you. That's no problem at all, because you can also buy the ready-made spice mixture in our shop. This saves you long preparations and you can start preparing right away. But psssst, that's an insider tip.

Gourmet spices - what exactly is that?

gourmet spices are a special composition of different spices that are in a harmonious relationship to each other and / or can be used as decoration with gold or silver leaf. Sounds very complicated? It is not at all. Gourmet spices come in a variety of forms that you can use for different dishes. Would you like to conjure up a very special pasta, for example? Then there are special gourmet spices that already contain the most important substances. So in this case tomatoes, herbs, basil and much more. Just add the mixture and enjoy, it's that easy to put it.

Gourmet spices are basically special spice mixes that you can buy to give your dish that special touch, or rather that special taste, just like you know it from a chef's kitchen.

Can gourmet spices be used for the rosehip?

In our shop we offer various gourmet spices that you can ideally combine with the rosehip. Above all, that 22k gold leaf as well as that Silver leaf decorative salt , both of which are ideal for embellishing the dish. You can simply sprinkle the spice over the finished dish for a particularly elegant and beautiful look.

If you want to add a little more pizzazz to your meal, then you can click the Raspberry Vanilla Sugar Spice Blend To fall back on. You can also find these in our gourmet area. It can be really exotic with the Lemon Pistachio Mixture become when you feel like it. A refreshing combination that is particularly suitable for warm summer days.

Spices shipping - it's that easy to get your products

Shipping spices is very easy and uncomplicated in our spice shop. If you order spices from us, they will of course also be packaged securely so that they reach you in the quality you want. The shipment of spices is combined, insofar as this is possible. This means that if you order several products, they will also be delivered as a whole. Of course, only if the products are in stock.

How do you shop at our spice store?

Shopping in our spice shop works just like you know it from other shops on the Internet. Select spice, buy spice / buy spice mixtures and then select spice shipping. If there are no different options for shipping spices, the shipping option that is available for you will be selected automatically. Very convenient, so you don't have to worry about anything else.

Buying a spice is just as easy here, except that you also have to specify the quantity at the end. But that shouldn't be a problem either. Shopping at Gockels should be as quick and uncomplicated as possible, so that you can focus all your attention and energy on preparing the food. In the end, your dish will not only be a dish, but also contain your own personal touch.

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