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Apr 26, 2023Gockels Food

Potato gratin: The ideal autumn dish

Potato gratins and potato casseroles have a long tradition. They are available all over the world in countless variants and variations. There is almost no other dish with such a large variety. This is not surprising, because a delicious potato casserole is not only filling. Just one portion of a well-seasoned potato casserole provides the body with energy and nutrients during the cold season. One more reason to take a look at the various possibilities that are available here!

Good to know: The difference between potato casserole and gratin

For many, potato casserole is a generic term for anything involving potatoes, placed in a baking pan and then cooked in the oven. That's almost right too. However, there is a significant difference between a classic casserole and a gratin. In a casserole, the ingredients are simply mixed together, placed in the baking pan and then placed in the oven. By continuously adding liquid, for example a tasty mixture of different spices with water, the casserole becomes al dente and does not dry out. Until then, everything is actually comparable to the preparation of a gratin. However, there is a very clear difference in construction! Potato casseroles are not layered, gratins are. This makes preparing a gratin much more difficult. Because of the layering, it is often necessary here for the spices and other ingredients to be accommodated between the layers and develop their flavor there to match the respective layer. This is the only way to get an all-round digestible dish that you and your guests will taste really good.

The basic ingredient: Definitely a potato!

The triumph of the potato in Europe began 400 years ago. In the past, the tuber was completely unknown in this country. That was not surprising, because the potato comes from South America and at that time there were no direct trade relations between the two continents. That changed quickly and today the potato is part of the cultural heritage. The potato has established itself not only in Europe, but all over the world. A look at the nutrients contained in the tuber shows that a potato is not only delicious. Potatoes contain protein, potassium, magnesium and carbohydrates. At the same time, they store a lot of vitamins B1, B2 and C. This makes the potato an ideal ingredient in the cold season. The filling effect has been proven for a long time and a really good reason for the breakthrough of the potato was and is its versatility. You can not only prepare potato casseroles and potato gratin. There are mashed potatoes, potato pancakes, potato stews and many, many, many other potato-based dishes. Almost every day, the world's chefs and creative cooks come up with new ideas and want to try something new with potatoes. In short: in the modern kitchen there is nothing to avoid potatoes and this situation will not change any time soon!

Which spices from our spice shop go particularly well in a potato casserole

Potato casseroles and a potato gratin are of course always a question of the right taste. This is where the spices come into play, because the cooked potato has little flavor of its own. If you want to buy spices to refine your gratin, you will come across coriander, cumin, savory and nutmeg as recommendations from chefs in European cuisine. In other countries, however, there are many other mixtures that focus primarily on the regional supply of spices. But the most important seasoning comes from the salt, which can add a certain zing to any dish. At Gockels you will find a wide selection of different salt mixtures that go perfectly with potatoes. This includes:

  • The French fries seasoning mix : An ideal solution for the gratin that should be a little smarter and taste delicious. In addition to sea salt, the mixture also contains paprika, rosemary, coriander, onions, muscovado sugar, cumin, fenugreek, cinnamon, chili, cloves, cardamom and, to round things off, a little fennel. Of course, this mixture goes well with many other potato dishes!
  • The Autumn spice mixture : Especially hearty and autumnal gratins need the right mixture of salt and spices to really taste good. The autumn spice mix of rosemary, parsley, orange, apple, cinnamon, cranberry, clove, nutmeg, anise, and a good dash of pepper delivers exactly that taste!
  • The Bacon salt : You want to conjure up a gratin with lots of vegetables, but don't want to miss out on the taste of bacon? No problem with the bacon salt! Of course, the salt is also ideal if you just love the fresh taste of bacon. The mix contains bacon and salt. That's all it takes for the perfect taste!
  • The EVERYTHING salt : Are you looking for a salt that simply fits every occasion? ALLES salt is exactly the right solution for this. It contains sea salt, ginger, cardamom, pepper, nutmeg, thyme, coriander, marjoram, clove, and a little bay leaf for the perfect flavor. The ALL salt simply goes with everything and of course also with a delicious potato gratin!

Buy and enjoy spices: That's why the mixtures from our spice shop are simply the perfect solution

Don't want to keep running to the local spice store to buy spices? Are you simply looking for a solution that simply combines all the delicious flavors and spices? Then we have developed exactly the right solutions for you! Our mixtures are the ideal basis for many dishes and of course also go well with all kinds of potato dishes ALL salt offers you with coriander and nutmeg an ideal salty basis for your gratin. With the Autumn Spice Blend you get a perfect basis for autumnal gratins with lots of vegetables or meat. The French fries seasoning mix simply goes perfectly with potato dishes of all kinds and should not be missing in any spicy gratin. And last but not least you can use the bacon salt Give your gratin a little more pizzazz.

By the way, did you know that potatoes are also an ideal basis for desserts? With our Pumpkin spice mix or the Raspberry Vanilla Sugar you can advance into exciting areas of culinary art and feed your guests in an extraordinary way!

Vegan, vegetarian or with meat? The imagination knows no limits!

For many, the potatoes only make sense as a side dish. But that's not the case, and cooking experts know that the tuber is good for everything and has many uses. It is up to you whether you want your casserole to be vegan, or whether you would rather use a vegetarian alternative or even meat. The only thing that changes is the taste and of course the preparation. Of course, good cooks do not only know one recipe and can offer their guests various alternatives. It is particularly useful if you have a large oven. Because you can bake several casseroles in one go.

Vegan and vegetarian casseroles in particular often need a little more seasoning. Because the inherent flavor of vegetables quickly becomes obsolete in the oven due to the permanent heating. We therefore recommend that you season it with cumin and savory. These two spices are the ideal complement to ours ALL Salt , or ours autumn mix .

The basic recipe for potato casserole and potato gratin

So that you succeed with the potato casserole the first time, we want to include a basic recipe for a simple potato casserole. However, you should note that the ingredients can vary and the preparation changes accordingly. Especially with casseroles with meat you have to make sure that the maximum time in the oven is not exceeded. Otherwise, the meat will be dry and won't taste nearly as good. Chicken in particular is known to be particularly sensitive and is therefore only suitable to a limited extent as an addition to a casserole. But more on that later! First of all, everything you need to prepare four servings:

  1. A baking pan and butter for greasing
  2. 800 gr. potatoes
  3. 250 ml cream and/or whole milk, alternatively milk substitute (e.g. soy milk, oat milk)
  4. 50 gr. knobs of butter
  5. a Gockels spice mixture with water
  6. other ingredients such as carrots, aubergines, minced meat, etc.

First, the potatoes are well washed and peeled. You can then briefly put the peeled potatoes in a bowl of warm water. This ensures that even the last dirt falls off and makes the subsequent cutting a little easier. Then the potatoes have to be chopped up. If you want to prepare a casserole, the cube shape is the ideal solution. Because that way the potatoes are done faster and the entire casserole is prepared a little faster. This is also an ideal solution, especially for other ingredients that are not particularly boil-proof. Potato slices are better for a gratin because they're easier to layer. You don't need to cut the potatoes either, you can easily use a cucumber slicer to produce thick, even slices.

Then the oven dish needs to be greased with butter. This isn't absolutely necessary with non-stick coated dishes, but a little butter never hurts the taste. The water must then be prepared with the spice mixture. Feel free to do a little more, because you have to keep readjusting during the baking process to prevent the gratin from drying out. Potato casseroles only become really juicy if they are regularly seasoned while they are baking. Now it is important to note the differences between preparing a gratin or a casserole:

  • For the casserole, fill the greased baking pan half full and then pour the spice mixture you have mixed over it, along with a little milk. Then you fill up the remaining half and also give the spice mixture over it. This way the taste is better distributed and the lower parts of the casserole also taste wholesome.
  • for the gratin, the bottom layer is always potatoes. Because these need a particularly long time in the oven to become edible. Then come the other ingredients and then another layer of potatoes on top. Here, too, you should add your spice mixture after half the filling, but definitely on top of the potato layer. This gives you a well-rounded taste throughout the gratin.

Now add the cheese and a little of your spice mixture on top, preheat the oven and bake the dish for almost an hour. Then you have conjured up a delicious meal without any effort. Please note that particularly sensitive and non-cookable ingredients such as chicken or vegetables such as tomatoes and aubergines should not be baked from the start. Here you have to take out the baking pan after half an hour and put the ingredients on top as the last layer. Also, don't forget that you'll need to re-season every now and then. Simply open the oven for a moment and spread your spice mixture evenly over the dish with a little water. This way you get the consistency and the perfect taste.

Enjoy light, tasty and digestible

As you can see, it is easy to prepare a casserole or a gratin. You don't need to be a kitchen expert or have great cooking and baking experience. Of course, there are far more complex recipes and there are really no limits to your imagination. If you've cooked too much once, that's not a problem. After you have cooled the casserole well, it will definitely keep in the fridge for a few more days and can even be fried afterwards. The famous leftover meal is even tastier with a well-seasoned casserole and can be a lot of fun. A casserole or a gratin are an ideal meal, especially in the autumn months of the year. Digestible, healthy and filling are the factors that combine to make up a healthy diet. This in turn is important, because only a healthy and nourished body can better withstand the demands of the colder seasons!

As fresh as from the spice shop: the mixtures from Gockels

A healthy diet is important, but it should also be sustainable and tasty. Potatoes are the ideal ingredient, but they have one major disadvantage: on their own, potatoes taste almost like nothing. That's why the right spices and some salt are indispensable if you want to prepare really tasty dishes with potatoes. Popular seasonings for potatoes include coriander, cumin, nutmeg, and savory. Cumin and savory in particular have a very strong taste of their own and are extremely digestible when combined. But the most important basis is always the salt. We at Gockels have therefore put together various mixtures that save you having to go to the local spice shop to buy the spices.

  • a huge selection for every taste
  • high and certified quality
  • Mixtures for desserts with potatoes, salty potato dishes and creative potato dishes

With our spices you will succeed in every dish!

A good kitchen is characterized by the right seasoning. This is where we come into play and we offer you a lot here. With us you get the right spice for every dish. Whether exotic and foreign spices, or tried and tested regional spices and spice mixtures, you will find a large selection of practical solutions for the household with us. The team not only tests the spice mixtures, but also develops them independently. So we constantly have new ideas that are just waiting for you to try them out. Diversity and sustainability are our trademarks and we want to offer you something special for the kitchen. Simply buying spices is a thing of the past! With us you get the full taste experience and can treat your palate to something very special. Just browse through our range and discover the possibilities that open up here. If you don't find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. We are always looking for creative ideas for your kitchen!

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