Become a chef with our recipes

In order to spend a nice Sunday barbecuing or to be able to cook something delicious with friends and family, you need good recipes. Of course, even the best recipes would be of little use if there were no spices to refine the food. That's why you'll find all sorts of high-quality, selected spices with us, your gourmet manufactory, with which you can be culinary active in a breathtakingly delicious way - whether baking, cooking or even grilling. In the following we will provide you with an exclusive selection of recipes that you can easily refine and spice up with spices from our spice factory. In the following, we will combine our culinary delights and the wide range of possible uses of the selected spice mixtures from our spice manufacture with attractive dishes that you are welcome to cook at home.

First of all - where you can get the latest, most important information about Gockels

Before we start with a few delicious recipes, we want to give you a few useful links that you can use to learn more about Gockels and our products. In our online shop you will not only find our wide range of products with a variety of gourmet spices, spice mixtures, salt or spices for desserts, but you will also find our interesting ones blog . You can also find this if you enter in the search bar of your search engine. You can also find us on Facebook. There we not only share new products with you, but also attractive discount campaigns and recipes. You can go directly to our official Facebook company account at

To the recipes that you can conjure up with our spices

You probably know the case where you would like to cook but you lack the ideas. But don't worry, you're not alone. But that doesn't have to be the case, after all there are a large number of attractive recipes with which you can cook, bake and of course grill deliciously and with a lot of fun. We offer you many recipes to cook at home - so you become your own chef. You can also find attractive recipes to try at home on our Facebook profile - and now, of course, here too! We have put together a few really nice recipes for you, into which you can of course easily integrate our spices.

How combining our spices with all dishes can work

As you have just noticed with the recipes for baking, for cooking and also for grilling, our spices can be combined with delicious dishes in a selective way. In general, a few core ingredients are also flexible in many dishes, so you can put your own stamp on them. So if you want to give a feta pan a little more spiciness, you can add one of our hot spice mixes. In this way, no paths remain blocked for your own culinary preferences. Our diverse spice mixtures can be used in a wide variety of dishes, so that no food has to be boring or bland. On Chef Koch and other online platforms you will find many attractive recipes in which you can use our spice mixture - of course also on our website. You will not believe this? No problem, we'll show you with our Pumpkin spice mix . You can use these not only for hearty dishes, but also for your favorite sweet treats. This spice mixture is ideal for autumn and winter. It consists of five ingredients, a selected composition of nutmeg, cloves, ginger, bourbon vanilla and cinnamon. It can be used not only for pumpkin dishes, but also for all kinds of stews, potato dishes, sauces and a whole host of other dishes. Our seasonal and themed spice mixes give you the opportunity to spice up your meals. If you are short of recipes or ideas, you can easily use our recipes that you can find on our website and on Facebook. You can also get to know exciting recipes online at the popular Chef Koch portal. When it comes to the preparation, our spice manufactory has the whole variety of spices you need.

A conclusion at the end

Delicious recipes are very easy to create with the spices from our spice manufactory - they can even add an exciting flavor to said recipes. The dishes we present in these articles will give you a little idea of ​​how diversely you can use the spices from our spice manufactory and become a chef.