Spice Advisor

You work flexibly and independently

you are yours own boss and decide for yourself how much you want to work. As a Gockels spice consultant, you can work full-time, part-time or part-time, or start a career as a team leader.

You determine your income

You earn money with every sale - it's as simple as that. You need to no prepayments afford and invest nothing except for your time and enthusiasm. When you work for Gockels, there is no upper limit to your income. And: Everyone has the same opportunities, regardless of age, gender, school qualifications and professional experience.

You are an ambassador for healthy and delicious food

Cooking becomes an experience, enjoyment becomes an attitude towards life: Every day we motivate people to eat consciously and enjoyably. Our motto " Because we love good food " is also your motto, which you live with customers, you taste and feel.

The Gockels team always has your back

As Gockels Spice Advisor you are part of a dedicated team. We are at your side with advice and action.

We reward your performance

With vouchers, products and other bonuses, we say regularly THANKS! and KEEP IT UP! - because your success is also our success!

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