Terms and Conditions Event

  1. Organizer / person responsible on site
    majuka GmbH
    Asberger Str. 32
    47802 Krefeld

  2. Registration
    Registration for the event takes place by sending the fully completed stand registration form using the online form and is legally binding even without a signature. Any co-exhibitors must be named here.

  3. content of the contract
    Essential components of the contract are
    a) the registration/application form, online & in writing
    b) the conditions of participation,
    c) the general terms and conditions.
    In the event of non-conformity, the regulations apply in the order specified above.

  4. Inclusion of the terms of the contract
    By submitting the stand registration, the exhibitor accepts the terms and conditions of business and participation as binding. He is responsible for ensuring that the people he employs at the event also comply with the entire contract.

  5. Permit
    After the stand has been registered by the exhibitor, the organizer decides on admission. Goods, services and co-exhibitors are only accepted if they are fully noted in the application form. The organizer is entitled to restrict the field of participants or to refuse participation to individual exhibitors.

  6. co-exhibitor
    If several exhibitors want to rent a stand together, they must name an authorized exhibition representative in the application, with whom the organizer alone will negotiate. The authorized representative is liable for the fault of his principal as for his own fault. The participating exhibitors are jointly and severally liable to majuka GmbH.

  7. termination of contract
    Cancellation of the stand rental contract by the exhibitor will result in the following costs:
    - Withdrawal up to three months before the start of the event, 25% of the agreed stand fee, but at least EUR 500.00
    - Withdrawal up to two months before the start of the event 50% of the agreed stand fee, but at least EUR 750.00
    - Withdrawal less than two months before the start of the event, 100% of the agreed stand fee, but at least EUR 1,000.00
    If no stand fee has been agreed, the minimum amount will be used as a contractual penalty.

  8. Competitive Exclusion
    Non-competitiveness should not be expected. The number of direct competitors is only limited if this serves the success of the event. The organizer endeavors to ensure the success of all participants through the appropriate selection of exhibitors.

  9. status change
    Exhibitors may not exchange, divide or relocate their stand or make it available to third parties without the permission of the organiser. A change in the goods or services offered beyond the information in the application form requires the consent of the organizer.

  10. range of goods

    Only the agreed exhibits can be exhibited; they may only be removed from their place by agreement with the organizer. An exchange can only take place after written agreement with the organizer one hour before the start and one hour after the end of the daily opening hours. The organizer can demand that exhibits are removed that were not included in the stand rental agreement or that prove to be a nuisance or dangerous or are incompatible with the purpose of the event. If the request is not complied with, the organizer will remove the exhibits with legal assistance at the expense of the exhibitor and further participation in the event will be prohibited; the domiciliary rights will be enforced in this case.

  11. plastic ban
    The exhibitors commit to love the environment, to offer food and drinks with sustainable tableware. Plastic straws, cups, cutlery are prohibited.

  12. Force Majeure / Special Changes
    If the organizer is forced to cancel, postpone or shorten the event by changing the beginning or end due to force majeure, official orders or other reasons for which he is not responsible, the organizer and the exhibitor shall not be entitled to any mutual claims for damages. If the cancellation has to be made between 60 calendar days and 30 calendar days before the start of the event, the exhibitor's contribution to costs is 25% of the agreed stand rental. In the event of cancellation within a period of 29 calendar days up to the day before the start of the event, the cost contribution is 50% of the agreed stand rental. In the event of cancellation and interruption during the event, there will be no reduction in the agreed stand rent.

  13. warranty
    Complaints regarding the exhibition space must be reported to the organizer immediately at the start of stand construction. Subsequent complaints do not lead to compensation claims against the organizer.

  14. Liability
    The organizer accepts no liability for personal injury or damage to property on the event site or for damage to the exhibitor's goods. In particular, the organizer is not liable for fire and hail damage or for falling branches. The exhibitor is liable for any damage suffered by third parties or the organizer. The exhibitor takes out liability insurance and provides evidence of this upon request.

  15. stand construction and dismantling
    The prerequisite for moving into the stand is full payment of the stand rent. The set-up and dismantling times specified in the general information must be observed; dismantling the stands before the end of the event is not permitted.

  16. connections
    Flat-rate amounts will be charged for the electricity and water connections requested by the exhibitor, regardless of consumption.

  17. cleaning
    Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning the stands and taking away rubbish. If rubbish is left behind, the costs for disposal will be charged at a flat rate of EUR 50.00 net.

  18. Regulatory Approvals
    In principle, the exhibitor must obtain official approvals. He is responsible for ensuring that the GEMA regulations as well as the commercial, police, health and other legal regulations are observed, in particular the "Act on Technical Work Equipment" (Equipment Safety Act). In particular, reference is made to the serving license, which must be applied for from the respective city administration. All installations up to the stand may only be carried out by specialist companies approved by the organizer. Within the stand, installations can also be carried out by other specialist companies, which must be named to the organizer. The organizer is entitled to check the installations, but is not obliged to do so. The exhibitor is liable for any damage caused by the installations. Connections, machines and devices that are not permitted, do not comply with the relevant regulations or whose consumption is higher than reported may be removed at the expense of the exhibitor. For safety reasons, exhibitors are not permitted to use the power connections of other exhibitors. The stand owner is liable for all damage caused by uncontrolled consumption of energy. The organizer is not liable for losses and damage caused by disruptions to the energy supply.

  19. consent
    Exhibitors and visitors agree that the photos, film recordings and interviews made in connection with participation in or attendance at the event may be distributed, published and used commercially in radio, television, print media and books without any entitlement to remuneration.

  20. Advertising
    The handing out of advertising material and the addressing of visitors by expert stand personnel are permitted in the immediate vicinity of the stand. The distribution of advertising material in the wider event area and the attachment of brochures to motor vehicles in the visitor parking area is not permitted.

  21. data protection
    The organizer is entitled to publish company-related information such as name, address, etc. on the organizer's website and in an exhibitor directory. Contact information may be passed on to potential customers.

  22. jurisdiction
    Krefeld is the place of performance and place of jurisdiction. The place of jurisdiction is Krefeld, also in the event that claims are asserted as part of the dunning procedure.

  23. Claims against the organizer
    Claims against the organizer must be submitted in writing no later than seven days after the end of the event; later claims are deemed to be forfeited.

  24. penalty
    The exhibitor undertakes to exhibit the registered products during the entire opening hours and to staff the stand with their own staff during this period. Furthermore, the stand may not be cleared early or partially. Complete dismantling before the end of the event is also not permitted. If the exhibitor violates the part of the contract in any form, a contractual penalty in the amount of 500.00 euros net is due.

  25. Final Provisions
    The above conditions are an integral part of the contract. Legal ineffectiveness or changes to individual provisions do not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.